I’m a Believer 

“Evan Wish is a man with a dream. He hopes to soothe your spirit with his music. In his own words, Music is a Universal Bridge from the heart to the soul.

After you hear his music you will become an advocate for his gentle, yet uplifting solo piano tunes and your spirit will be consoled, your mind will clear and your heart may soar.

Wish’s music is an amalgam of romantic songs without words and contemporary instrumentals with feather-light classical influences.

Although every song shines with its own light, there is a bit of shadow to the tunes as if shrouded in a mystery. It is like that Mona Lisa enigma. What is the story behind the smile? In this case, what are the stories behind the music?”

- The Sounding Board • RJ. Lannan • I’m a Believer -