Music is a Bridge from the Heart to the Soul.
— I believe that feelings put into every note when performing are magical. This is what I strive for.

“The passion of a Romantic.” 


In the ever-changing landscape of the entertainment industry, we find Evan Wish standing his ground, with the gift of a melody, the passion of an artist and with his heart in music.


In a small Canadian City named Brandon, in association with the Conservatory of Music at age 7, Evans’ musical odyssey began. His teachers kept him focused, which helped win first-place awards and first-class honors in classical competitions, and recognition as a gifted young pianist. Playing saxophones and oboe in the city bands and orchestra also expanded his musical horizons.

- This journey of love, has taken Evan from Canada to the United States and Europe with ties to East Asia.

After graduating, jobs included designing a music program for pre-schoolers, music director with a traveling theater troupe, and original music accompaniment for a free-style Royal ballet dance class. During which, additional training with two mentors (classical and jazz) in Winnipeg.

United States

A desire to establish respect as a composer led him to audition and be accepted at the Dick Grove School of Music in Los Angeles for 3 years. Where his real "work" began with funding provided by the Manitoba and Canadian Government in Ottawa.

Required weekly to compose, arrange, orchestrate and conduct for Big Band Jazz, and up to 72-piece Orchestra. Where studying the 20 styles of "The American Sound" broadened his understanding of traditional music and its performance in the studio. Master classes were with the top composers in the entertainment industry, Lalo Schifrin Bill Conti, Henry Mancini, Jack Elliot, Nelson Riddle, Jack Smalley and many others., 

Performing original music from Coconut Grove, Florida to Beverly Hills in Los Angeles, special VIP engagements, performances in conjunction with Hollywood walk of fame star inauguration parties, writing for film, TV, Children's music, and theatre.

- Evan has clearance requirements for the Canadian Audio-Visual Certification Office and all regulations for Canadian Content Film and TV Productions.

Europe / France

In Provence, France during his 2 year stay as an artist in the mid 90’s, resulted in numerous concert dates, billed as, “La passion d’un romantique,” translated to “The passion of a romantic.” His stay in France, also garnered praise from various arts sources and critics, and included consultations with several impresarios and influential people in the world of European music. To date, Evan continues to perform in France.

Returning to the US

Returning to the US, he once again took on some writing projects and private lessons with the esteemed Dr. Yakov Birman from Russia's St. Petersburg Conservatory in “The Art of Performance” and Birman taught him to be aware of every note before it is played. Absorbing this technique profoundly added to his musical approach.

Classical study focused on J.S. Bach (Sinfonien), Chopin (Paderewski Nocturnes & Studies), Haydn Operas (Samtliche Klaviersonaten) and Czerny (The School of Velocity).

Recording Artist…

Debut Album: Lullaby of Love. The culmination of his life-long infusion of knowledge, practice, technique, performances, and writing resulted in a Live recording, a one day session of 8 hours. Recorded in Audiophile, a Direct to Disc Master. Evans’ Début album of 13 solo piano compositions, rated a #3 worldwide for 2 months, then a #4.

Second Album: Forget-me-not, Blue set new heights in accolades and a Nomination with Hollywood Music in Media in the classical genre for the title track.

. . . . .

With many years now in the entertainment industry with Evans’ performances, writing projects, releases, master classes, features, radio interviews, teaching and Q&A Blogs, the Internet brings his music to all ages, and added to playlists from around the world.

As well, Evan is finding pleasure refurbishing a beautiful old home in a tiny village in Burgundy, France, and certainly one can always look forward to any new music from this artist.