… it is just that Wish has converted his feelings into music so well that it affects the listener without warning.
— New Age Reporter : R.J. Lannan -

Wish 4/4 Music
18034 Ventura Blvd. PO.141
Encino, CA 91316, USA

Office Phone
1 (323) 295-5294

Musician’s Union Local 47
ASCAP member

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I don’t just make a living - but aspire to make a difference.

To perform my charismatic compositions for as wide an audience as possible, giving people hope, love, and inspiring them. To perform in venues that amplify my caring concern about the emotional well-being of each and every listener. In this regard, my feedback from performances have repeatedly confirmed my track record of "connecting" on a deeper level.

To highlight an event, reputable PR with radio, media, and live interviews to pre announce the show. Numerous stations currently play the music across North America, Europe and East Asian countries.

Align my myself and my music with TV, Film and Advertising.

Personal interests

Charitable work over the years has included performances and outreach concerts, CD’s as part of table prizes. To date, have helped raise over 1 million dollars and brought awareness to those in need.

Besides everything music-related, reading, chess, hiking, communing with nature.