It’s hard to pick favorites on an album where every song is exquisitely crafted and displays a level of instrumental virtuosity as well as masterful composition and arrangement.
— PICK OF THE WEEK (CT) • Music & Media Focus (USA) 5 Stars • Michael Diamond -

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Lullaby of love (Debut)

The culmination of my life-long infusion of knowledge, practice, technique and writing resulted in my Début album.  Dedicated in loving memory to my father.

Recorded - Live in “Audiophile” and a Direct to Disc Master. A one day session of 8 hours. Release of (13) solo piano compositions received a NARAS consideration for a Grammy Nomination in Best New Age album in the Contemporary Instrumental genre. On the charts, rated a global Debut of #3 for two months, and then a #4. Top 100 for 5 months. 

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Your new album is absolutely stunning, easily one of the best piano albums I have received this year!
— Shades of Classics • Radio CKUW Winnipeg MB University (CANADA) 5 Stars • John Iverson - Producer/Host -
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Forget-me-not, Blue

Received 17-5 Star reviews, Pick of the Week (CT.) and CD of the Week (Netherlands).

Nominated - Hollywood Music in Media Awards in Classical for the title track. Descriptive words of Evocative, New and Exceptional.

Recorded on a majestic Bosendorfer 225 - 7' 4" at Firehouse Recording Studios, A list studio in LA. Mastered with Bernie Becker Mastering achieved an exquisite sound recording of solo piano compositions, as well as ensemble pieces that feature a live string trio of violin, viola, and cello.

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As a whole, the album is pensive, introspective, and intensely personal. It is a musical meditation, a prayer for peace. In his own quiet, small way, Evan Wish has created a legacy of hope and value.
— Rajman Reviews Blogspot (USA) 5 Stars • Raj Manoharan -
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Alone in a Crowd (Spring 2019)

Peter Granet: Producer & Engineer
This production reprises my creative collaboration with Grammy Nominated (Commodores) engineer Peter Granet as Producer & Engineer on all my musical work and music releases since 1995. 
Peter comes with impressive credentials having recorded projects with many of the top recording artists since the 70's.  Artists such as; Eddie Rabbit, Rolling Stones, Jackson 5, Linda Ronstadt, Ravi Shankar, George Harrison, Van Morrison, Dizzy Gillespie, and many others.  Peter also engineers my live shows, and records them.

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Time Trek… pays attention to the album of the Canadian pianist and composer Evan Wish
— CD OF THE WEEK (The Netherlands) • Radio Rijinwoude 5 Stars • Jelke Bethlehem -

Live recording sessions at Firehouse Recording Studios in Pasadena, CA.

Forget-Me-Not, Blue is featured on my homepage as New & Exceptional, a beautiful and stirring musical experience.
— Mainly Piano (USA) 5 Stars • Kathy Parsons -